Happy Mid-Autum Festival! In Moonlight, All Is Home.

Mid-Autum festival 中秋节 is not its only name, it also has many other names such as Moon festival, Reunion festival, Moon cake festival, etc. It is a traditional Chinese festival which has a long history started since ancient eras, it becomes popular from the early tang dynasty. 15/08 on lunar calendar is the day of Mid-Autum festival, the moon becomes the largest and the roundest, people use the shape of the moon to illustrate family reunion, they will also buy or make their own Moon cakes, and share them with family and friends.

Although people have made many names for this festival yet they share the same meaning that we all are missing our homes and our families and we wish them all the best. Sometimes, leaving home is for a better coming home, no matter where you are in the world, no matter you are just 1 hour drive from home or thousands of miles away from home, the lights in our homes are the power that keep us going.

The moon tonight illustrates our the deepest and the softest miss for home, no matter how far you've gone, you can still see the moon when you look up to the sky, it always guides our way home.

How do people celebrate for Mid-Autum festival?

Yes, you're right, we all eat moon cakes today. However, eating moon cake is not the only custom:

  1. Festival lanterns. People light different lanterns which have different shapes and coulours at night, each lanttern carrys the person's miss and wish for his/her home.

  2. Visiting families and friends.

  3. Enjoying fragrans. Sitting with families and watching fragran trees, smelling the fragrance from flowers bring you peace and happiness.

  4. Drinking osmanthus flower wine. Osmanthus wine is light yellow in color, with outstanding fragrance of osmanthus, and unique mellow aroma of mountain grape, sweet and sour, mellow and soft, with a long aftertaste.


Moon Cake

For me, eating Moon cake is the most important thing to do on Mid-Autum festival, why? Because it's just so delicious! Do you know that there are actually tens of different types of the moon cake, the flavour varies with different regions.

There are traditional moon cakes and non-traditional mooncakes.

  • Traditional: Guang, Jing, Su, Chao, Dian, Jin, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hui, Qu, Qin, etc.

  • Non-traditional: This category of moon cakes has much more creativity than traditioanl ones, such as French style, ice cream moon cake, fruit and vegetable moon cake, tea moon cake, etc.

I'm going to introduce you a few popular types of moon cakes:

  • Guang: Guang style moon cake was created in Guangzhou, it has golden yellow colour with salty and sweet flavour. You can either eat it as cold or to put it in a microwave and heat it up for 10 seconds. This type is the most popular one in China.

  • Su: This type of moon cake was originated from Shanghai, and the area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The soft and crispy mouthfeel is the special secret of this kind of moon cake.

  • Jing: Jing Moon cake was invented in Beijing and Tianjin area. It's crunchy with a moderate sweet taste. The making process is the most complicated among all other moon cakes.

  • Dian: This type was created in Yunnan area. This kind of moon cake is not like others, people who live in Yunnan use their local ham as part of the inner of moon cakes.

  • Chao: Chao moon cake was created in Guangdong province, the common inners of Chao moon cake are green bean, black bean, purple taro, etc. The characteristics of this kind of moon cake are crispy and flat, not too oily or too sweet. The famous Chao moon cake is the one with vortical pattern.

Many friends are struggling to buy moon cakes in other countries because it's hard to buy and it could be expensive when you buy imprted ones. Dont worry! The good news is that you can make your own one, all the ingredients can be found in most of the stores.

Here is the Youtube video that teaches you how to make a homemade moon cake without complex processes. The voiceover is Chinese but you just can simply turn on the English subtitles.

Youtube Link:


In order to better celebrate Mid-Autum festival, our students learned how to say moon cake in Chinese, some of them decided to make their own moon cakes for their parents.

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