6 Idiom Stories That You Can Teach Your Kids (1)

These 6 Idioms are used a lot in daily life. There's a story and moral behind each of the Idioms.


破:Broken; Damaged

釜:Kettle; Caldron; Pot; Acient people use this character to describe cooking pot



At the end of the Qin Dynasty, people rose up and rebelled. The state of Zhao was surrounded by the troops of Qin. King Huai of Chu sent Xiang Yu to lead his soldiers to rescue the state of Zhao. After Xiang Yu and all of his soldiers crossed the river, he command the soldiers to enjoy a big meal and carry three days' rations each. When soldiers finished their meal, Xiang Yu ordered them to destroy all the cooking pots and all the boats.

In this way, Xiang Yu declare his faith and determination that he would never retreat and he would complete the mission. As expected, Xiang Yu defeated the Qin army and won the victory.

People often use this Idiom story to declare their determination that they would never give up and never go back. Sometimes, it's safe and secure to have a back door, but it's easy to slack off. In the other hand, a man can achieve great things when he's in a situation where there's no way back. Therefore, never give up and have faith!



程:Chinese family name

门:Door; Gate

立:Set up; Stand; Establish


In Northern Song Dynasty time, there was a famous Neo-Confucianist called Chéng Yí 程颐. One day, Yang Shi and You Zuo travelled from far away to visit their teacher Cheng yi and to learn knowledge from him. When they arrived, they saw from window, that their teacher was taking a nap. They didn't want to wake him up so they decided to standing outside and wait quitely.

After a while, there were snow felling down from sky because it was winter time. By the time when Cheng yi awoke, the snow on the ground was already 10cm height. Cheng yi was surprised and touched by their humble attitude, he taught them many lessons that day.

The moral of this story tells us that never stop learning and be persistent on what you are learning. The more importantly, be humble and modest because they will make you keep going and getting better everyday.



孟:Chinese family name

母:Mother; Mom



There was a famous man called Mencius. When he was young, his mother had made a lot of effort for him to get better education.

Mencius and his mom was living in a house that was near a cemetery, Mencius had seen many funerals and started to imitate those people who were crying at the funerals. This got to his mom's ears so she decided to move their house to a better place.

They moved to a place where is near to the market. One day, his mom saw him imitated the sellers and traders in the market, copying the way that they were doing business, introducing products and bargin for prices. His mom knew he was a smart boy.

After awhile, his mom decided to move their home again. This time, they moved in a house where was located right besides a school. As his mom expected, little Mencius was attracted by what the teacher taught in the school, he started to focus on studying. He became a great philosopher, politician, educator in Chinese warring era.

The story tells us the environment that we are living and the people who are surrounding us will affect us. Choose wisely about who you are friend with.


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