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Meet our team of highly qualified and experienced Mandarin Chinese online tutors, who will guide you through our courses while offering 1-to-1 support.

Hanzhe Jiang

8 years teaching experience.       


Graduated from Qingdao University for applied Psychology.






I graduated from Qingdao University, majoring in Applied Psychology. After graduation, I have been engaged in Chinese teaching in primary schools for 8 years. The rich experience of Chinese teaching and the learning background of children's educational psychology allows me to interact better with students and to provide the best teaching quality. I love working on Chinese teaching and I hope to make friends with more students who like Chinese and are interested in Chinese culture.

Meng Ren

屏幕前的家长和小朋友们你们好,我是汉语堂的alice 老师,毕业于吉林大学,我的专业是汉语国际教育。





Hello, everyone, my name is Alice, a teacher from Mandarin Hub. I graduated from Jilin University and my major is TCSOL. At present, I’ve had 2-year teaching experience. I’ve been teaching Chinese as a foreign language and teaching English for the high school entrance examination in China for one year, and also teaching Chinese in Australia for the other year.

I really enjoy the process of teaching and make teaching as my career. I hope the children can feel passion and also hope to inspire the children to find out their own motivation for learning.

Mingyu Lu



Hello everyone! I'm teacher Yiyi. My major is Chinese language and literature. I have three years of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I like to have Chinese lessons with children, inherit Chinese culture and feel the beauty of Chinese. In the classroom, I lead the children to travel the ocean of Chinese knowledge and experience the different fun of Chinese learning in a relaxed and happy way. So, children, join the Chinese class and start our Chinese learning journey with teacher Yiyi!

Yihan Gao

I am Jojo Gao, a graduated student studying in Chengdu University of Information and Technology. My major is teaching Chinese as a second language. I am also a Chinese teacher in primary school. The Chinese students learned a lot of interesting Chinese knowledge together with me. Chinese is interesting and full of magic. Come with me!