Mandarin Chinese course curriculum


Below you can view is the curriculum of Mandarin Hub Main courses which includes 12 Levels. We sorted these 12 Levels into 3 stages:

Basic: Level 1-4

Intermediate: Level 5-10

Advanced: Level 11-12


We only open Level 1-4 for now but will open the rest of them in the future.

Mandarin Hub Mandarin Chinese course curriculum

Course categories

Basic courses (Level 1-4):

1-4 Level,适合4-8岁的儿童。这一阶段的学习内容与孩子的日常生活紧密相关,课文内容取材于学生日常生活场景,所学汉字也是生活中经常出现的高频汉字。初级阶段的教学多以互动式为主,主要让孩子在生动的图片、有趣的故事、多方位的互动和游戏中消解对汉字的畏难情绪、尝试多用汉语表达、了解中国的文化,并爱上汉语学习。


Mandarin Hub Basic includes Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4, they are suitable for kids between 4-8 years old. At this stage, everything that students about to learn is closely connected to their daily lives such as the common words and conversation which they will use every day. The teaching of this stage focuses on class interaction by playing games with students, which helping students to remove the reluctant feeling and encouraging them to practice more through game-based classes and interesting studying materials.

The courses of this stage are taught around 6 themes: Self-recognition, Space and time, Self-expression, Nature, Daily life, Our earth. Students will be able to learn more knowledge when they learning the courses.


Intermediate courses

Level 5-10,适合年龄7-13岁对的儿童。这一阶段的学习内容主要与部编版小学语文对标,并添加了符合IB课程大纲的学习内容,让孩子循序渐进、由浅入深地完成对汉语的系统性学习,并达到国内同龄儿童的汉语水平。这一阶段的教学更加侧重理解与运用,让孩子在系统的学习中加深对汉语语言文字的理解,更好地理解中国文化,激发他们的想象力和创造力,并且养成用汉语进行思考的能力。

Mandarin Hub intermediate includes Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9, and Level 10. They are suitable for children between 7-13 years old. At this stage, the level of difficulty is similar to Primary school’s Chinese textbooks and we are also inspired by the IB curriculum, so students will gradually and systematically learn the courses step by step, then reach the same level of native kids. The teaching for this stage focuses more on understanding and practicing, helping students to get an overall and deeper understanding for Chinese characters and Chinese culture, stimulating their imagination and creativity.

Advanced courses


Mandarin Hub Advanced includes Level 11 and Level 12, they are suitable for students between 12-20 years old. The course structure of this stage is based on the requirements and curriculums of the common examinations of Chinese (IB/A-LEVEL/IGCSE/AP/HSK). The main teaching purpose is to help students pass the international Chinese examinations. According to different students’ backgrounds and levels, our teaching method and contents will be different as well. We will make the right study plan for every student.


Mandarin Hub cultural courses

Our cultural courses comprise of courses in Chinese traditional culture and in Chinese idiom stories. These courses offer a rich background of Chinese history and culture that can help you to learn about the country and progress your language skills.


Mandarin Hub skill courses

Our Pinyin and literacy courses help to hone Mandarin Chinese skills in a fun and engaging way. Learn Pinyin skills to develop your language, and expand your vocabulary through our literacy course.

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