Mandarin Course For Children's Primer L1


This Course includes

  • 6 units made up of 5 classes

  • Access to an experienced Chinese tutor

  • Game-based online Mandarin class

  • 1-to-1 private Online class

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About the course

This course is suitable for young kids starters who have a little or zero foundation. Children's Primer L1 and L2 have 60 classes in total and 30 classes for each. Students will learn basic expressions on topics such as self-expression, exmotions, society, environment, nature, etc. Students will learn and practice in 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writting.

  • This course is made of 30 classes. Each class is 40 mins.

    40 min

    600 British pounds

FAQ’s about this course

Classes last between 30 to 40 minutes. Each class is made up of three parts: pre-class, in-class, and after class to allow time for parents and kids to ask questions without eating into the crucial lesson time.


Depending on your child’s skill level, there are no minimum requirements. This course is perfect for zero basis young starters.

Course Description

Children's Primer L1 has 6 units with each unit being made up of 5 classes. The units consist of multi-functional, game-based online classrooms. All of the contents of this course are non-fictional which means what your kids learn is practical and very close to daily life. The topics we choose for each unit are interesting and educational so kids not just only learn a new language but also get a chance to acquire more knowledge in terms of culture and science. 

Students will learn 3-4 Chinese characters or words and 1-2 sentences in each class.

Teacher For This Course

Your child will benefit from 1-to-1 classes with our dedicated teachers. All of our teachers are qualified with TCSL certificate and with years of experience.