Chinese online class guidelines

Get started

Once you have filled out the personal information form and booked the free trail class, our teaching assistant will contact you by your preferred way (email, WhatsApp, WeChat). You can also get in touch with us by adding our WeChat and WhatsApp account to chat directly with our teaching assistants.


Device and Software

Before starting your first class, making sure you have the following device and downloaded the Online classroom software:

  • If you have an iPad, download the Classin APP from the App Store.

  • If you wish to take classes on PC/laptop, download the Classin APP here.

  • NOTE: you cannot take classes on mobile phones!

In order to take high-quality online classes, please enable your camera. You may also wear a headset with a microphone for receiving high quality audio.

Class Preview

Before each class starts, you will receive class materials from your teaching assistant. You can easily print them out and use them during the class or you may use the E-copy if it’s more convenient


Homework, Class Feedback, Class Video

Review Homework

Practice is always the key to master a language.

After each class, students will have a homework made form their teacher. Our teaching assistant will help students if they have any difficulties of completing the homework. In order to have a steady improvement, we recommend students to complete their homework before next class.

Class Feedback

Students will get class feedbacks from their teachers after each class. This feedback allows you and your kids to understand their learning progresses and what they still need to improve, so you would be able to know what they should practice more in daily life.


Playback and Growth Journal

Each class is recorded, the class playback video will be created shortly after each class. Students can review the playback video if they missed anything of the class. Parents can also watch the playback to monitor students' study progresses.

Safety Rules

1. Please keep your personal information safe

Please DO NOT share your personal information to anyone which includes our teachers and assistants. Also, DO NOT show your pictures with your school uniform to others as well. We need to make sure all of your personal information kept safe.

2. Please follow the basic social etiquette

In order to provide a friendly and high-quality class, students should follow the basic social etiquette in class, dress appropriately, and not abuse teachers or other students.

3. How to report

You have the right to stop the class and report the teacher if you feel uncomfortable about the class and if you think the teacher’s language or behaviour is inappropriate. Our team will then review the video and solve the problems with you.

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If you have questions about our Chinese online class guidelines, email