Traditional Chinese cultural course


This Course includes

  • 5 classes

  • Suitable for students between 5-12 years old

  • Game-based online classrooms

  • 1-to-1 classes


About the course

This course is mainly suitable for students who have a certain basic knowledge of Chinese, to help them better understand traditional Chinese culture, social customs and famous mountains and rivers. Different from the previous teaching method of "explaining and memorizing", this course pays more attention to the creation of scenes and the experience of culture. Students will study the content of the course through interaction and games in a creative context. This course has 5 classes, each is 50 mins.

  • This course is made of 5 classes. Each class is 50 mins.

    50 min

    100 British pounds

FAQ’s about this course


Classes last between 45 minutes to an hour. Each class is made up of three parts: pre-class, in-class, and after class to allow time for parents and kids to ask questions without eating into the crucial lesson time.


Depending on your child’s skill level, there are no minimum requirements. We will assess your child and understand what you are looking to achieve from the classes.

Course Description

Your child will benefit from 1-to-1 classes with our dedicated teachers.



Teacher For This Course

Your child will benefit from 1-to-1 classes with our dedicated teachers. Our teachers also consult the curriculum of YCT and HSK official exam courses to make sure your child’s learning is current and consistent.