Online Mandarin Chinese classes

Mandarin Hub offers online Mandarin Chinese classes, offering you the chance to develop your language skills, wherever you are. Book your spot today.

Why choose Mandarin Hub?

  • 1 to 1 and small classes

  • Cater to various needs


1-1 class is private and more flexible, the teacher will pay all of their attention to your child and walk through the whole learning process with them.


Small size class is designed for the students who have a bit of language foundation and who are more willing to participate in the class and to practice with other students.

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Our unique selling points

Self-developed courses

Our our online Mandarin Chinese classes are self-developed and are based on the syllabuses of Chinese textbooks, IB and IGCSE courses. Our team also consulted the curriculum of YCT and HSK official exam courses. Mandarin Hub’s basic courses includes 6 main topics, such as self-cognition, law of nature, etc. 

Game based class

Motivating students to learn Chinese by playing games with them. 

Scientific course structure

Mandarin Hub’s textbooks are consisting of non-fiction contents which are practical in daily life and level up gradually from easy to difficult.

Interactive class

Multi-functional online classroom allows better communication between student and teacher, more interactions, and more fun.


Excellent teaching support

Before class

Teaching assistant will help students to prepare for the upcoming class.

In class

Understanding student’s personality and becoming friends with them.

After class

Teaching assistant will send class report to parents and help students to complete their homework.

Project-driven teaching

Teacher will help the student to complete small projects and progress reports for each phase. The student has a chance to practice what they have learned.

Qualified and experienced teacher

Our teachers have passed rounds of selection and professional training. Only the ones who have years of experience and have certifications will be hired — because we understand that being a native speaker isn’t enough.

What our students say

我们最终决定在 汉语堂学习中文,之前也试过别的平台但是孩子们还是最喜欢汉语堂的老师。

We finally decided to learn with Mandarin Hub, we have tried classes from other Platforms but Mandarin Hub’s teacher is their favourite.


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